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A group of engineers and pharmacists came together to found Lemon Medications’ Pharmacy Inc in 2010. These pioneers saw the potential in emerging internet technology and knew it could be harnessed to provide patients with a convenient, safe way to order their medication and receive it in their own offices, homes, or travel destinations.

Lemon Medications’ Pharmacy is accredited by the Ontario College of Pharmacists and is listed with PharmacyChecker, which verifies pharmacies worldwide.

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Yes, as long as the quantity you order does not exceed a 90-day supply and is covered by the number of refills provided for in your prescription.

Yes. However, like online order, we still require that you send us your original paper prescription by mail before we can ship or deliver your order. For fax, email, and snail mail orders, you can download a complete package of the necessary paperwork here. We can accept faxed prescriptions directly from doctors, as long as the prescription is on the doctor’s letterhead.

Yes. You must provide a valid prescription completed by a physician who is licensed to practice medicine and issue prescriptions. If your attending physician does not have a Canadian license, a Canadian physician will review your confidential medical file and may contact you or your physician in order to legally authorize us to fill your prescription from Canada.

Your doctor’s license number is listed on the prescription form.

A Patient Customs Statement needs to be signed and sent to us for all prescription orders that need to be shipped to the US. We need this only for your first order. You may include the printed and signed form when you send us your paper prescription by mail. Alternately, you may scan the form and send it by email to , or take a picture of the document and send it to us using the. Also, your doctor’s office can fax it with your prescription.

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